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Magical tunnel


Today’s Daily Post question. “You’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect your home with the location of your choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of your tunnel?”

It has to be on earth of course, that stumped me because my gut response was HEAVEN of course. I mean really, I’m ready to go!
So then I thought about where would I like to be, or who would I like to see, at the virtual drop of a hat? I asked the kids for their answers before forming mine.
My answer is this, I’d like the other end of my tunnel to be in the woods behind my best friend Geri’s house. I wouldn’t put myself right INTO her house, because that’s rude, and I wouldn’t put myself in the drive way because I’d get run over! But the woods behind Geri’s house is quite peaceful, and I could pop over for a little bit of squirrel hunting if I did that sort of thing, but otherwise I’d just walk out of the woods and head to Geri’s back door, knock a few times and wait for her to answer. I’ve been missing her quite a bit lately and just last week called and asked if she could come over (it’s a four hour drive). I was hoping she’d drop everything and head my way but she already had plans as us mommas are inclined to do, and the soonest she could come is the end of this month. Well this tunnel will solve everything won’t it! Because it goes both ways, and she can come here and swim with me and her boys can come and build sand castles and let’s not forget about sharing Corner Bakery donuts and coffee together as often as we like! And we can all go there and my boys can play with her boys in the woods, shooting arrows and bb guns, and we can cook together and scrape the skins off potatoes together and study the Bible together. Oh this tunnel is the best tunnel here on earth. It stead of face time we’d yell “tunnel time!”
But that does bring me to my final thought, I’d rather a tunnel outside of earth, to heaven. Yes, I would. I am ready and waiting for my Lord Jesus to come for me. Even so, come Lord Jesus.


all the cool kids


Last week Noah had a friend over. They were “too cool for school”.

All the cool kids

All the cool kids

Caleb and Noah

Caleb and Noah

I’ll post a few more Monday. I’m taking Sunday off y’all. Have a good rest of your weekend!



Today was warmer and sunny and we got out back to play and shoot a bit. I wanted to explore poses for someone like me (size 16 curvy) and see what was working, and what wasn’t! I think these turned out good. Obviously Sammy shot all the ones I was in, but I had set up and directed everything. The little boys got to direct ME in their individual shots. I love how their direction really brought out their personality.  Do you ever use the people around you to try something new?  Do you ever ask your subjects to tell YOU what they want? 

Foot Ball with the boys

football collage by fionasflicks
football collage, a photo by fionasflicks on Flickr.

Scott had a few hours between finishing final exams and heading off to work and thought it would be fun to get the boys out front and teach them some basic football plays. I sat down in the mulch next to one of our many pine trees and got a few shots. Then Sammy took one of me later as I was heading to the market.