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Life Lessons


What do you need to know in order to be a useful and productive citizen of the world? How about just of America? Obviously you should know how to write and to sign your name, although I understand cursive is a rare thing in kids these days. I also think you should understand basic math because it’s required in day to day life, and you should know basic world history, and social skills. Manners, religion, science, art and music are other things that should be covered in your primary education. So all that to say, I want to incorporate some LIFE skills into the boys basic Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.
So here is my current list of what we are “adding” into our day to day schooling. Let me know what you think and if you have any further ideas.
Current Events
Laws in your state
Human Rights
Animal Rights
Civil Rights
Basic first aid
Political systems
Writing checks
Cashing checks
what you need to open a bank account
Applying for a job
Building a resume
Practice job interviews
Organizing bills
Paying bills
Making a household budget
Typing lessons

So far the boys are really enjoying this “extra” stuff, and like that it’s a big group lesson and not them all scattered off to their own corners of the house. I like it too and am enjoying spending this extra time with them. 🙂